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You can find out the location of your shipments by entering the tracking number.Tracking form test code: 3432468768678

Documents & Parcels

Our dedicated delivery service is built around our clientele and includes both B2B and B2C document and parcel delivery, throughout this globe. From scheduled delivery to time-sensitive solutions, we offer document collection and delivery in the safest mode. International courier services in madurai

Export Garment Materials

Vegin is an expert in the safe pickup and delivery of your Export Garment Materials. Be it a scheduled or unscheduled delivery, we serve as your right hand. Simply, place a delivery by quick, easy clicks and within in no time, we will make it happen.

International courier services in Madurai

Food Items

Vegin Logistics is one of the exclusive, safest and fastest Services for Branded / Homemade Food Items. We ensure the safety for your food package from the common damages that happen during the transportation.


Vegin is a full-fledged medications delivery service that delivers a better experience for people to manage the movement of medications. Be it a patient or a drug store or a wholesaler, we offer the best service.


Being leaded by experts with immense experience and knowledge, Vegin has managed to travel worldwide destinations with our incomparable overseas network to deliver the products. We provide excellent door to door service, at the safest mode.


You can take control of the entire supply chain of your company with our fast and risk free delivery services. All our employees are well trained to handle the products and the fleet is the best way so that the deliveries are faster, without any damage.


Optimal packaging is essential not just for protection, but to give proper details regarding the contents and to ease other logistics processes like transporting, storage, warehousing and order processing. Don't worry about packing anymore!

International Courier Services

Vegin is a highly reliable, time-definite, fast express, customs-cleared and safest door-to- door international courier service. Our relentlessly expanding services focus on worldwide destinations and pass on the advantage of economies of scales to our customers.

With our overseas network of professional management crew and service partners, latest technology and well equipped fleets, we offer quick and affordable international courier services in Madurai.

international courier services in madurai

Air Cargo Services

Vegin is one of the leaders in India’s Air cargo industry and we have massive reputation in providing airport-airport as well as door-to- door air cargo services. Our experts are veterans in managing time-sensitive delivery and high-value products. We handle both domestic as well as international air freight services, with flexibility and friendly customer service.


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